The history of Kristall plant started when the first Belarusian diamond was cut on December 27, 1972. This date can be referred to as the birthday not only of the Belarusian diamond cutting and polishing industry but also of the whole jewellery industry in Belarus.

The development of the enterprise can be divided into two periods almost equal in time but fundamentally different in business conditions. The first 20 years were characterized by the relatively stable and predictable production and economic development of the enterprise through the Soviet Union’s planned economy. The second period was one of diversification and development of new product lines; it was also a time of intense competition in the market. The first twenty years of work Gomel “Kristall” was one of the largest diamond-processing enterprises in the USSR; now JSC “Gomel MA “Kristall” is the leading jewellery manufacturer producing both diamonds and diamond tools in the Republic of Belarus.

On May 24, 2012 in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus “KRISTALL-HOLDING” was established. It consists of JSC “Gomel MA “Kristall” (the managing company), JSC “Belyuvelirtorg” (the retail network company) and CJSC “Belgran” (in 2013 merged with the holding company), whose state-owned shares were transferred to the Administration of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus.

Managing “KRISTALL-HOLDING”, JSC “Gomel MA “Kristall” is thus the major shareholder of another top player in the Belarusian jewellery market – JSC “Belyuvelirtorg”: the largest state-owned jewellery retail network in Belarus.

Since 2013 “Gomel MA “Kristall” has been included in the list of preferred clients of ALROSA and joined into ALROSA-Alliance.

Nowadays Kristall is the jewellery brand leading the way to new standards of beauty and nobility, however maintaining old traditions and putting our hearts, souls and reputation into each piece of jewellery.