The creation of Kristall’s jewellery starts with the creative ideas of our designers.

The design of rings, brooches and earrings must be attractive and original. When developing new collections our designers find their inspiration from nature’s own lines hence contributing to set new directions for the latest trends in jewellery’s fashion. Kristall’s jewellery is made with diamonds, precious and semiprecious stones. Some designs are based on a combination of small diamonds with a large precious stone and gold glossy surface. The results of long hours of work are sketches of dreams which are turned into true works of art.

Based on the sketch, the designer creates a computer 3D model of the future product. With the use of high-tech equipment and technologies for modeling polymer plastics, the prototype of the final product is made. Some of the advantages of using such a technology are high precision and the possibility of manufacturing large sizes and complex shapes.

The prototype serves as a model in the production of a rubber mould, which is filled with liquid wax creating a wax model of the future jewel. The “lost-wax” process is carried out by modern equipment from leading manufacturers.

Before processing and manufacturing the products, Kristall laboratory carries out quality control to assure the purity of the precious metals.

Work pieces from precious metals are then processed accurately and put together in accordance with the sketches and jewellery technical documentation. Working on a piece is a laborious process that requires dedication, special skills and great experience.

One of the main manufacturing operations is stone setting: jewellery setters must carry out their work very carefully to make sure that the stone is securely fastened.

The process of creating jewellery is completed by hand-polishing, after which each piece is thoroughly inspected for compliance with quality standards.

The combination of different technologies, from manual to high-tech equipment, and the vast experience of our workers allows us to make jewellery of any complexity.